sea scallop, salmon, shrimp, Seafood Bisque, lobster broth, cream and sherry


cream, roast garlic, seven British Columbia Wild Forest Mushroom Soup, portabellas


leaf lettuce & Bohemian greens, Sun Salad Soleil, scallion & green peppercorn vinaigrette


garlic, ginger, Charlotte's Chicken & Mushrooms, sweet and spicy


natural Sauteed Oysters with garlic butter, lemon & Asiago cheese


Roasted Pecans & Blue Cheese, baby spinach leaves, fresh squeezed orange vinaigrette




spicy, grilled breast bacon, tomato, greens, mayo, Chicken Club Ciabatta, kennebek fries, salad soleil


shrimp, mayo, Shrimp Ciabatta, kennebek fries


mushrooms, Wild Salmon & Spinach Crepes, rice, salad soleil


sweet & spicy "Szechwan" Vegan Stirfry, tofu, garlic, ginger, peppers, onion, mushrooms, rice


lightly battered Kalamari & Tsaziki, a cool cucumber, garlic, dill & yogurt sauce


wild salmon, cobbler & shrimp, Warm Seafood Salad with lemon beurre blanc on salad soleil


grilled prime rib patty, greens, tomato, sauce Ciabatta Burger, crisp kennebek fries, salad soleil


crisp Oyster Burger, greens, tomato, remoulade sauce, crsip kennebek fries, salad soleil


bacon, tomato, greens, mayo, Bacon & Tomato Ciabatta, fries, salad soleil


spicy "Szechwan" Chicken & Mushroom garlic & ginger stir fry, rice


"Misty Mountain" chicken & Mushrooms, spicy lobster-butter, garlic & beer, rice salad soleil


river cobbler, prawn tails, Spicy Fisher's Grog, mushrooms, lobster-butter, tomato, garlic, beer, rice


sun salad soleil, battered cobbler Fish & Chips, crisp kennebek potatoes

Single Fish or Double fish


sun salad soleil, battered filet of Halibut & chips, crisp kennebek potatoes

Single Fish or Double Fish

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