Scallop, salmon, shrimp, Seafood Bisque, lobster broth, cream, sherry


cream, Roast Garlic & Wild Forest Mushroom Soup, seven mushrooms from the forests of British Columbia




four steam shucked, half shell Oysters au Naturel, fresh lemon


four, sauteed, Gunpowder Prawns in a very spicy lobster, beer & parsley butter


garlic, ginger, sweet & spicy, Charlotte's Chicken & Mushrooms


when available, Small Live Oysters, Raw on the Half Shell with Ponzu sauce on side


Sauteed Oysters, garlic butter, lemon, Asiago cheese


lightly battered Kalamari & Tsaziki, a cool cucumber, garlic, dill & yogurt sauce


Mushrooms & Chevre, garlic butter, jack cheese, herb, olive oil



torn leaf lettice & Bohemian greens, Sun Salad Soleil, scallion & green peppercorn vinaigrette, Asiago cheese


Roasted Pecans & Blue Cheese, baby spinach leaves, fresh squeezed orange vinaigrette


anchovy & garlic vinaigrette, Spinach Caesar Salad, fresh croutons, shredded Asiago cheese


torn leaf lettuce, greens, spinach, Great Big Salad, pecans, pumpkin seed, sun-dried tomato,
 olive, tomato, peppers, croutons, Asiago, blue cheese, scallion vinaigrette 


(dished as described without vegetables)


spicy garlic and ginger "Szechwan" Chicken & Mushroom stir fry, rice noodles


sauteed wild salmon, catfish and shrimp, Warm Seafood Salad with lemon beurre blanc on salad soleil


two homemade European Sausages & Orchard Plum Sauce,  potatoes, two vegetables


river cobbler, prawn, mushrooms, Spicy Fisher's Grog, lobster-butter, tomato, garlic, beer, rice


sun salad soleil, battered filet of cobbler Fish & Chips, crsip kennebek potatoes

Single Fish or Double Fish


crisp oysters, spicy shrimp Creole, a Louisana Stack, on a platform of rice pilaf


garlic, ginger, sweet & spicy "Szechwan" Vegan Stirfy, tofu, peppers, onion, mushrooms, rice



(dished with chateau vegetables...

steak & lamb, dished with potato....chicken, fish and vegetarian with a rice pilaf)


a sweet Dijon mustard glaze on a nine ounce grilled New York Steak "Dijon", or you can ask for it plain


 panko crusted, sautéed in virgin olive oil, Crisp Chicken with White & Wild Mushroom Sauce, asiago cheese


six bone, Rack of Lamb "Katelin", roasted with olive oil, French plum sauce


crisp battered, Wild Alaskan Cod & Thai Ginger Pineapple, a light sweet & sour


British columbia Barbecued Wild Salmon Filet, lightly spiced, seared on a red hot grill


French tartar sauce remoulade with capers & grainy mustard, Crisp Oysters baked in butter


seven ounce filet, sauteed with flour and butter, Halibut Belle Meuniere, wine, garlic, mushroom, tomato, scallion


Thai Pineapple, Halibut & Prawns, three ounce halibut, five jumbo prawns, not too spicy


hold on to your chair, David's Cajun Bouillabaisse, seafood delicacies in a spicy prawn and beer broth on rice


yes, they're spicy, Gunpowder Prawns, eight big tails jumped with fresh tomato, garlic butter & beer


spinach, cream, layered White & Wild Mushroom Tofu, herb tomato sauce, asiago, cheddar, jack cheese … au gratin


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